Unilever | PR & Corporate Communications

Unilever approached PGt for the first time in October 2016, when one of the biggest events for the company was going to be held. Their offices had recently moved to their new building and their CEO, Paul Polman, was going to travel to Iran to inaugurate their offices on 23rd of October 2016. This was a great occasion for the company and for the industry to host an influential businessman, coach, and mentor who served as Unilever CEO for 8 years. PGt managed a PR Campaign for the event and organized itinerary for Mr. Polman during his visit in Iran. Since then, PGt worked with Unilever Iran on project basis until 2020 when we were appointed as Unilever’s PR and Corporate Communications Agency in Iran, managing Public Relations, Internal and External Communications including but not limited to Media Relations, Content Development, Website Development and Management, Social Media Management, HR and Leadership Communications. PGt was able to relaunch the company’s website and Instagram channel after a few years of inactivity, also activated its internal newsletter and announcements. PGt is proud it is still providing its services to Unilever Iran and this company has been able to count on our continuous and constant support.