British Airways | Public Relations

In 2016, British Airways (BA) announced its decision to resume flights to and from Iran after a hiatus of four years. As the airline made preparations for its return, it turned to PGt for its expertise in public relations and crisis management. PGt worked closely with BA to develop a comprehensive PR strategy that would promote its flights and ensure a strong communications presence throughout its operations in Iran.

To achieve this, PGt carried out a range of activities that included media monitoring, media relations, and a press tour to Iran for British media outlets such as The Sun, Daily Mirror, AOL, and Business Traveller. PGt also prepared a crisis audit team and generated and distributed press releases as part of its routine PR services. These efforts helped to establish BA’s presence in Iran and build a positive reputation for the airline among its target audience.

Despite the challenges posed by the economic sanctions, PGt continued to support BA until the airline was forced to halt its operations in Iran. Through its partnership with BA, PGt gained valuable experience in crisis management and public relations, solidifying its position as a leading agency in the field.

  • CLIENT British Airways
  • YEAR 2016 to 2018
  • WE DID Public Relations
  • PARTNERS Action Global Communications