Hayat | Corporate Communications

In 2018, Hayat, one of the leading manufacturers of hygiene and cellulose products worldwide, recognized the need for establishing an effective Public Relations (PR) and Corporate Communications strategy for its operations in Iran, Pars Hayat. With this in mind, Hayat approached PGt, a trusted agency known for its expertise in creating and executing comprehensive PR and Corporate Communications programs.

PGt immediately went to work, conducting a comprehensive analysis of Pars Hayat’s current position in the country. This involved looking at different aspects such as its reputation, market position, internal and external challenges, communication channels, and more. Based on this strategic review, PGt formulated an Integrated Corporate Communications and Public Relations plan to help Pars Hayat achieve its objectives.

As part of this plan, PGt focused on creating a strong online presence for Pars Hayat. This included the establishment of LinkedIn and Instagram profiles for the company, along with the adaptation of its website to better reflect its brand identity and messaging. PGt also acted as the official press office and media representative for the corporation, ensuring that all communication with stakeholders was consistent and effective.

Since beginning its cooperation with Pars Hayat, PGt has maintained its relationship with the company and continued to provide comprehensive and effective PR and Corporate Communications services. This has helped Pars Hayat establish a positive reputation among its target audience, communicate its message effectively, and maintain its position as a leading player in the industry.

By partnering with PGt, Pars Hayat has been able to achieve its objectives and establish a strong presence in Iran’s competitive market. PGt is proud to have played a crucial role in this success story and will continue to work closely with Pars Hayat to ensure its continued growth and success.

For those searching for PR and Corporate Communications services in Iran, PGt is a trusted partner with a proven track record of success. Our comprehensive and strategic approach ensures that our clients achieve their objectives and maintain a positive reputation among their target audience. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business grow.