Optifast | Digital Marketing

PGt Agency, a leading digital marketing and PR firm in Iran, was delighted to be chosen by Optifast, one of the world’s largest Nestlé Health Science brands, to manage its digital marketing and social media activities in the country. The project was challenging, but PGt was up to the task.

From the outset, PGt set out to establish a strong online presence for Optifast in Iran. This involved creating a new Instagram page for the brand in Farsi, which PGt then managed and developed over time. Through a combination of engaging content, influencer partnerships, and strategic campaigns, PGt was able to rapidly grow the brand’s Instagram following, attracting thousands of new followers in a short period of time.

In addition to managing Optifast’s social media presence, PGt also helped to launch a new Iranian version of the Optifast Middle East website. This involved translating and adapting the content to make it more relevant and accessible to Iranian audiences.

Throughout the project, PGt worked closely with Optifast to ensure that its digital marketing and social media activities aligned with the brand’s broader marketing goals and objectives. The result was a highly effective digital marketing strategy that helped Optifast to expand its reach and engage with customers in Iran like never before.

  • CLIENT Nestlé Health Science
  • YEAR 2020 to 2022
  • WE DID Digital Marketing