Samsung | Public Relations

As one of the leading PR agencies in Iran, PGt has been providing top-notch PR and communications services to its clients for many years. In 2013, Samsung, one of the biggest electronic giants in the country, chose PGt as its official PR agency. This was a significant turning point for Samsung, as it had been silent in the market for a few years. PGt helped Samsung establish a firm and positive relationship with the media in the country, and initiated several essential PR activities, such as a professional monitoring system, Corporate Communications, local events, product reviews, press releases, crisis communications, and media meetings.

At the time, Samsung had six different business units, including AV (Audio Visual), Corporate, DI (Digital Imaging), HA (Home Appliances), HHP (Hand-held Phones), and IT (Information Technology). PGt’s PR department worked closely with the respective representatives of each unit to manage Samsung’s PR in Iran. The result was a comprehensive and targeted PR campaign that helped Samsung enhance its brand image and reputation in the country.

One of the most remarkable events that PGt proposed, initiated, and executed for Samsung was an intimate and fun trip to Kish Island for almost 50 influential journalists in Iran. This trip was a remarkable experience for the journalists, and it helped Samsung improve and maintain its relationship with them. The trip was a huge success and a testament to PGt’s creativity and ability to execute high-impact PR events.

PGt’s agency was able to create an international standard for Samsung’s PR in Iran and transformed the company’s PR strategy from silence to reactive and proactive mode during its cooperation. This project was the beginning of a long-lasting relationship between Samsung and PGt.

  • CLIENT Samsung
  • YEAR 2013 to 2014
  • WE DID Public Relations