Samsung | Iran’s Technicians Olympiad

PGt was approached by Samsung and asked to support the electronics giant in planning, organizing, and full execution of Iran’s inaugural Technician’s Olympiad, part of Samsung Electronics’ Corporate Citizenship program. The Olympiad’s objective was to introduce Iran’s best technicians to the local society and to help nationally recognize their expertise and service to the nation. Three months of hard work including planning, creative, organization, and execution in 3 separate phases, were culminated by a memorable closing ceremony, bringing Iran’s first ever Technician’s Olympiad to a beautiful close.


The Olympiad was announced nationwide and consisted 2 stages of online exams. The credibility of questions was guaranteed by professional experts from well-known organizations and the potential risk of cheating was addressed by creating a question bank through which questions were randomly selected and displayed on participants’ screen.


The top 40 participants in 4 categories who successfully passed primary filters and achieved the highest ranks were invited back for the final stage. The practical stage of the Olympiad was held in well-equipped workshops and provided facilities such as transportation, dormitory, and free meals, which  helped keep the attendees relaxed and focused on their competitions. Ultimately, top 3 participants of each categories were selected based on a fair scoring system.


The closing ceremony, which was held in Tehran’s Talash Complex, recognized the efforts of the top 40 technicians. The certificates, cups, and awards, coupled with an exciting closing ceremony, marked a great conclusion for a long but exciting journey of this initial Olympiad, the first of many to come.