Philips | Express Yourself Everyday

PGt, the leading PR and communications agency in Iran, was approached by Philips to launch their latest concept for their male grooming shavers’ line, titled “Express Yourself Everyday”. The campaign urged men globally to recognise that a few minutes spent every day in grooming is how they choose to express themselves. PGt was tasked with organising a 360° campaign to launch the concept in Iran, and we relished the challenge.

Leveraging our local expertise, PGt recognised that every country has a unique way of expressing themselves, and in Iran, extreme sports, such as snowboarding, was one of the major ways. Our team developed a combination of Above-the-Line (ATL) media buying, Below-the-Line (BTL) guerrilla marketing, in-store POSM, posters, flyers, online, social media, and celebrity endorsement, as well as PR elements, to organise one of the first-ever snowboard jump competitions in Iran, held at the Dizin Ski Resort.

The event, titled “One Hot Day in the Snow with Philips,” was a 2-phase project. In the first phase, we developed high-quality creative & copy, pre-event communication, and deployed high-impact, tactical marketing communications. We also negotiated high-profile celebrity endorsements and employed cost-efficient but extraordinarily effective guerrilla marketing tactics to ensure that the message reached the right audience.

In the second phase, we organised and executed the event, ensuring that key members of the Iranian media were treated like royalty in the exclusive VIP area, and that the operational and logistical flow was smooth throughout the entire event.

Thanks to our comprehensive campaign, over 6,000 attendees enjoyed the snowboarding event, resulting in positive brand emotional affiliation, huge brand and product awareness, over $620,000 AVE (Advertising Value Equivalency) in PR value, and over 214 clippings in the most prestigious of Iran’s media.

Philips’ “Express Yourself Everyday” campaign was well received in Iran, where grooming is an essential part of the daily routine of men. PGt’s campaign demonstrated that the grooming process is not just about looking good but also about self-expression. With our expertise, we have helped Philips establish a strong foothold in the Iranian market and position the brand as a leading male grooming products provider.