Sanofi | 360 Campaigns

Sanofi, the French owned pharmaceutical giant, and PGt started collaboration back in 2005 until 2013. Sanofi (back then Sanofi Aventis) were fresh into the Iranian market with a great portfolio of drugs which they wanted to distribute into the Iranian market. PGt joined and we became an extension of their marketing department. Together we launched numerous drugs, creating 360° campaigns for each one. Specific and pharmaceutical knowledge of the market was needed, and together we set off to set up the largest and most successful pharmaceutical brand in Iran.

Initially Sanofi only were importing RTX drugs, and hence our works were all directed to specific target audiences, Professors, Doctors, and Nurses (the professionals of the field). Our work consisted of product launch events, public relations, creative concept development, creative artwork development, product packaging adaptations, seminars, symposiums, internal communications, internal events, sales events, and sales aids. During our time we have not only supported and partnered Sanofi Iran, but through the Publicis Sanofi Lab network we have also supported other Sanofi offices around the world. Providing them with artwork, campaign concepts and campaign material. During these 8 years Sanofi started local manufacturing of certain drugs and PGt were with them side by side during the marketing and communications of these local launches.

In 2012 Sanofi for the first time managed to receive the importation rights for Magne B6, their latest OTC food supplement tablet, and PGt was on hand to create their 360° marketing communications campaign. This led to many more OTC drugs being allowed to import and hence many more campaigns. We were not only dealing with Professors, Doctors, and Nurses, now we had the public to market to. This was indeed a great challenge with the extremely strict pharmaceutical laws here in Iran.