Sanofi | 360 Campaigns

PGt and Sanofi’s partnership dates back to 2005, when Sanofi Aventis entered the Iranian market with a portfolio of innovative pharmaceutical products. As an extension of Sanofi’s marketing department, PGt played a key role in launching and promoting several drugs in the Iranian market. With a deep understanding of the local pharmaceutical industry and its target audience, PGt created 360° campaigns for each product that included product launch events, public relations, creative concept development, product packaging adaptations, seminars, symposiums, internal communications, internal events, sales events, and sales aids.

Initially, Sanofi only imported RTX drugs, and therefore, PGt’s efforts were primarily focused on reaching out to professors, doctors, and nurses, the professionals of the field. Through effective and targeted marketing strategies, PGt successfully positioned Sanofi as the largest and most successful pharmaceutical brand in Iran. Over the years, Sanofi expanded its operations in Iran and started local manufacturing of certain drugs, and PGt continued to support and partner with Sanofi throughout these launches.

In 2012, Sanofi received the importation rights for Magne B6, their latest OTC food supplement tablet, which marked a significant milestone in the collaboration between Sanofi and PGt. This paved the way for many more OTC drugs to be imported, and PGt had the opportunity to market directly to the public. However, this presented a significant challenge given the strict pharmaceutical laws in Iran. Nevertheless, PGt rose to the occasion and successfully launched several OTC drugs, which contributed significantly to Sanofi’s growth and success in Iran.

As a result of our successful collaboration, Sanofi and PGt received several accolades and awards, including the prestigious “Best Pharmaceutical Product Launch” award in 2007. Furthermore, through the Publicis Sanofi Lab network, PGt was able to provide artwork, campaign concepts, and campaign material to Sanofi offices worldwide.

In conclusion, PGt’s partnership with Sanofi highlights our deep understanding of the Iranian pharmaceutical market, our ability to create comprehensive and targeted campaigns, and our commitment to supporting our clients’ growth and success.

  • CLIENT Sanofi
  • YEAR 2005 to 2013
  • WE DID Event Management, Marketing, Corporate Citizenship, Creative