As one of the largest and most well known electronics manufacturers in the world, Samsungs Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme is a vital part of their global identity. It was PGts honour to accept the exciting challenge of developing Samsungs CSR campaign in Iran.

The Samsung Audio Library project saw PGts Welfare department advancing Samsungs brilliant work by setting up and launching Audio Libraries for the blind and partially blind in only four months (simultaneously with the Samsung SMART School project – see Samsung SMART Schools). Working with high level contacts within key government ministries and NGOs (e.g. State Welfare Organisation, White Cane Association, and National Blind Association of Iran), PGt inaugurated three Audio Libraries in underprivileged regions throughout the country, fully equipped with all the latest Samsung technology.

beforeafter 2

beforeafter2The project also included the successful generation of high levels of media attention resulting from PGts wide network of vital contacts, ensuring that the launch was attended by top level government members.









The Samsung Audio Libraries are now bringing joy and happiness to hundreds of underprivileged, blind & partially blind children throughout Iran, providing opportunities that they may never have had without PGts diligent and heartfelt work.