Russian Trade & Industrial Fair

R 3-01



PGt Advertising’s public relations group, PGt PR, was proud to be announced the winner of the PR account for the Russian National Industrial Fair
“Trade & Industrial Dialogue: Russia-Iran” which was held in Tehran on 21-23rd December 2015.
The intense PR project saw PGt PR staff working closely with the Russian Federation’s Government (Russian Trade Minister: Denis Manturov)
as well as Russian State Corporation, Rostec, to deliver high quality PR and monitoring services throughout Iran and the globe.
Using PGt’s expansive PR networks, we were able to obtain over 450 items of local news coverage in Iran’s most high profile news outlets,
including newspaper and magazines, online, and TV coverage. In addition, PGt PR was able to organise exclusive interviews and gain exceptional,
on-point, coverage pieces in International Media such as Bloomberg, AFP, Reuters, and Yahoo News.
PGt PR, doing what’s right.