Introducing a new line of Home Theatre Systems (HTS) in Iran was never going to be an easy task, especially as it had been done once before and had failed miserably. Launching LG’s new HTS line needed complex strategic planning and thorough knowledge of local customs and procedures, and PGt was the agency of choice for LG & Goldiran.




PGt’s creative approach focused on the deeply ingrained Persian culture of singing, whilst at the same time involving the current generation of Iranians and their families with an exciting and relevant theme: being a superstar at home.

Our 360 degree plan included both ATL, BTL, & PR aspects, but focused on an online competition. The purpose built website was developed from scratch and asked consumers to upload tracks that they had sung on a backing track provided. Just like real karaoke.







The result? An incredible viral success! The site was featured across almost all communications media and spread virally on all social media sites, including Facebook. It generated over 12,000,000 site visits, over 1,200 uploaded songs, and over 8,000 comments a day, from all over the country. The promotion has now become a nation-wide, annual event, touching the hearts and minds of millions of Iranians with PGt’s cutting edge ideas.