When a new service is offered, the most vital element of any communications plan is to ensure that the target audience not only hears about the product, but also fully understands & trusts it. With MCI/Hamrah Aval’s new financial service, Jiring, this was further complicated by the need to educate about a new financial service that was relatively complicated, needed to reach under-banked areas of the country, and last but not least, to instil trust in the brand, the product, and the service.

PGt’s ground-breaking approach was to create a fully animated educational video – speaking directly to the target audience. The video takes the consumer through each of Jiring’s available services and can be used as a whole, or in parts where individual services needed more support than others.


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The result? A fully animated, professionally narrated, 6 minute, educational video which follows Jiring’s brand guidelines, is tailored for the difficult-to-reach target audience, and provides much needed explanations and education regarding the new Jiring financial service.