MCI/Hamrah Aval, the largest telecommunications provider in the Middle East, had come upon a very interesting idea. The new service they had to offer, called Jiring, could have incredibly far-reaching and positive ramifications for underprivileged areas where normal banking methods were difficult – most likely because these areas were not catered to by any banks branches. The idea was that the sim-card on your mobile phone would become your wallet and you would be able to charge your phone with cash at any of the registered outlets, which would then be easily transferred to pay for various services (i.e. either between accounts, or to pay for utility bills). This system would remove the need to travel to a bank branch all together.

After a grueling pitch process, PGt was picked as the agency of choice for their brand creation.


Jiring1 Jiring2 Jiring3

The result? A full professional and international quality branding & national launch campaign which positioned Jiring as the top mobile wallet service in the country, creating a new market demand for under-banked, under privileged areas around the country.