Vafa Khatami is a highly skilled professional specializing in strategic marketing, business development, and advertising management. With a background spanning over 19 years in the field of marketing and business, she has garnered valuable experience working in both the UAE and Iran. Currently, Vafa holds the position of Director at IMC, where she oversees four departments within PGt.

Aside from her wealth of experience, Vafa Khatami has earned a Bachelor's degree in Italian Literature and a Master's degree in Strategic Marketing. These academic achievements have not only fostered her creativity but also refined her communication skills. Furthermore, her educational background includes a focused study in International Business Management, equipping her with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of global markets. Vafa's expertise in Consumer Psychology further enhances her abilities by providing valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences. Leveraging this knowledge, she excels at developing targeted and impactful marketing campaigns that effectively resonate with the intended audience.

She currently uses her comprehensive understanding of marketing principles and strategies to lead and direct all four departments at PGt Agency.