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Monday 1st August 2016

PGt Advertising, one of Iran’s leading advertising and marketing communications solutions agencies, and Grayling, one of the world’s foremost full service communications networks, are proud to announce the finalisation of their affiliation agreement to provide integrated communications, public affairs, design, and market development services to businesses, non-profits, and government authorities in Iran.

PGt Advertising and Grayling, which are both independently renowned for their industry leading work in the fields of public relations, public affairs, government procurement and crisis communications in their respective territories, already boast a large portfolio of top-tier clients across a broad spectrum of industries.

The affiliation agreement will see both agencies working together to provide a full range of communications services to current mutual clients, whilst extending PGt Advertising’s global network and allowing Grayling to offer their clients premium PR & communications services in Iran. The affiliation also gives PGt Advertising access to Grayling’s numerous global resources and specifically created suite of proprietary tools, designed to help their clients build brand resilience on and offline.

“The signing of this affiliation agreement between PGt Advertising and Grayling is another step in the right direction for us and we are extraordinarily excited to be accepted into such a successful global communications network” said Sam Cordier, Managing Director of PGt Advertising. “As Iran opens up its arms to the world, we are proud to be able to offer our clients a truly integrated international communications reach and quality of service.”

“We welcome PGt Advertising into the Grayling network as Iran is an increasingly important market for many of our internationally focused clients.  It is vital to have a partner that we can trust and PGt Advertising has a proven track record of delivering quality communications.” said Jonathan Shillington, Managing Director, Middle East, of Grayling.  “This affiliation will further enhance our global network and ability to provide a unique mix of public relations, public affairs, digital and consumer marketing, to create measurable advantage for our clients.”

 PGt-Grayling Announcement - August 2016

About PGt Advertising

PGt Advertising was established in 2003 and is a privately owned 360 degree advertising agency operating primarily in Iran, but also throughout the world through its network of affiliations and contacts. The company serves a long list of top international and local clients across a wide range of marketing communications and solutions and industries. Headed by Mina Bina and run by brothers Sam Cordier & Alex Cordier, PGt Advertising has grown into one of Iran’s leading advertising agencies. More info can be found by visiting PGt’s website:


About Grayling

Grayling is a global communications network. We develop inventive, integrated communications solutions that are rapidly scalable to deliver against organizational needs. With on-call senior counsel, powerful content, and unrivalled connections, we help our clients to engage, adapt and evolve in fast-changing landscapes – building brand resilience and creating measurable advantage. We operate a flexible, international network unbound by traditional agency silos or geographical borders. Grayling has over 30 years’ experience in the META region with offices in Dubai, Doha, Muscat, Istanbul, Lagos and Nairobi.  Grayling’s creative arm, GCreative, is based in the UAE serving the full marketing communications needs of clients across the region and beyond. For further information please visit our website:

Wednesday, 10 February 2016 / Published in PGt Advertising

PGt Advertising logo white background

PGt Advertising is looking for energetic, fun, and talented people to join our growing international team:



  • Client Services Directors


  • Client Services Managers


  • Production Directors


  • Production Managers


If you’re interested in working in an amazing place with a likeminded team, and with some of the largest and most well-known global companies, then all you have to do is send your CV and a cover letter letting us know which position you’re interested in to


Here at PGt, we care about our colleagues. We offer a world-class work place, for world-class people. If you feel you’re good enough to join our team, let us know… sell yourself to us, show us why you’re better than everybody else. We’d love to hear from you.


Email us at to apply or for more information.

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INLAY-FINAL-LOGOPGt Advertising is proud to have been the official organiser of the PR Launch event for Tabiat Zendeh’s new cosmetics brand, Inlay.

“Inlay, the choice for Iranian women looking for Natural Beauty”

Inlay_PGt_PR Event_Dec2015 (2)

Inlay_PGt_PR Event_Dec2015 (4)

Inlay_PGt_PR Event_Dec2015

Inlay_PGt_PR Event_Dec2015 (3)

  Inlay_PGt_PR Event_Dec2015 (1)

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Music is the soundtrack to your life and here at PGt, we celebrate music. It makes us groove… and that’s what keeps our creative juices flowing. Today, PGt Advertising gathered all the favourite songs from our staff and created a PGt International Music Day CD which was shared with our nearest and dearest.

PGt Advertising_International Music Day_Oct2015 (1)

Hope you all have a groovy weekend.

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PGt’s been busy, recently holding a very successful launch event for Samsung Business’ A3 Copies in Tehran’s Evin Hotel.

PGt Advertising_Samsung B2B A3 Copier Launch Event_August 2015 (4)

Creative branding of the venue was only the start, as PGt also devised brilliant experience zones (with beautifully designed booths & trained promoters) which helped the audience genuinely interact with the new copiers.

PGt Advertising_Samsung B2B A3 Copier Launch Event_August 2015 (3)

Furthermore, roll-play during different and professional presentations made the launch event more exciting. At the end, serving dinner in warm environment and offering creative gifts made the event even more memorable and gave it that ‘Cutting Edge’ that PGt Advertising is so well known for.

PGt Advertising_Samsung B2B A3 Copier Launch Event_August 2015 (6) PGt Advertising_Samsung B2B A3 Copier Launch Event_August 2015 (9)

PGt Advertising_Samsung B2B A3 Copier Launch Event_August 2015 (8)PGt Advertising_Samsung B2B A3 Copier Launch Event_August 2015 (10)


 – we know events.

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Nestlé – Cerelac New Packaging Launch

Nestlé’s Cerelac brand is one of the most well-known brands in nutritional supplement care for babies, and after a previously unsuccessful launch, it was time to bring the new bag in box packaging back to Iran!


The launch, which was prepared, organised, and managed by PGt Advertising, was an incredibly memorable event, held in the prestigious Rayzan Complex for over 300 of Nestlé’s Sales Force team and top management. Activities included a history path for Nestlé and Cerelac, a section on the benefits of Cerelac (with the cutest babies ever seen!), a laser show, the actual reveal, and was concluded with a concert from one of the country’s hottest bands – Pallett – who had only recently released the popular new theme song for Shahre Moosha!