Calling all Technicians!!

PGt Advertising is pleased to announce the launch of “Iran’s Technicians Olympiad” project, in conjunction with Samsung. The first in an annual competition, the project aims at recognizing and celebrating the hard work that Technicians around the country do, as well as to crown and reward the very best Technician in Iran. Competitors can attend and register in this Olympiad for free by entering website.

PGt Advertising_Iran Technicians Olympiad_Logo_Nov 2015The Olympiad competition started on the 10th of November and involves coordination and management with Iran’s TVTO (Technical and Vocational Training Organization), Samsung Engineering Academy, Sam Service, Guilds, Unions, and Vocational Centers.

PGt Advertising_Iran Technicians Olympiad_ITO Poster2_Nov 2015 PGt Advertising_Iran Technicians Olympiad_ITO Poster_Nov 2015

The competition covers 4 different fields of repair and installation of HHP (Hand Held Phones), HA (Home Appliances), AV (Audio & Video), and AC (Air Conditioner).

The first stage of the Olympiad is free to register for everyone. The first top 100 competitors of each field will be invited to attend in semifinal stage and the top 10 of each category will be invited to Karaj to participate in the final stage which contains practical and theoretical exams will be held.

For more information, please visit or head direct to

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